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Meet Marie


Hospitality Expert

Southern Girl

Boy Mom

Passport Stamper

Marie is  founder + CEO of David Street + Co located in Nashville, TN, where she is responsible for the operations, creative, + marketing efforts. Marie is a native Nashvillian. Hospitality has been her passion since 2000. She spent over 14 years with the Hilton Family of Hotels working her way up from a laundry attendant to the General Manager + Director of Sales + Marketing. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Hospitality & Tourism Management from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. Marie was a recipient of Nashville’s Black Top 40 Under 40 in 2015. She also received the Cordell Award for General Manager of the Year from Hilton Hotels 2015. Marie also served as a Committee Member for the American Bus Association Convention in 2014. She has also sat on many panels + and guest spoken in classes at Tennessee State University. When Marie is not working, she volunteers at the Nashville Rescue Mission with her team members and family. She also attends Lake Providence Missionary Baptist Church. She is a devoted mom to her son, Kingston who also enjoys tech. Together they enjoy playing with their newest edifion to their family, their dog Chi-Chi.  

Marie began her creative journey in the 80's in the summertime at her grandmother's house on David Street.  At her grandmother's house, that was her true beginning at taking a blank canvas, + with a little imagination, making something beautiful.  Marie can remember spending the summers taking her grandmother's large front porch + imagining it being a dance stage.  Eight year old Marie would hang curtains on the porch, set chairs on the front lawn, gather the neighborhood kids + put on a dance show for the David Street neighbors to watch.  Or even taking her grandmother's old garage + envisioning being a teacher + yet again convincing the neighborhood kids to be her students. 

At David Street, she was able to be her most creative self. She was able to take the spark of thought + make it a reality.  Let David Street + Co set a flame to your spark.


Fear will cripple the strongest people. Don't allow fear of failure to be your crutch.

- Marie Echols

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Marie Echols

Owner / CEO

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